Es ist unser Ziel Menschen mit Krebs, ihren Familien und Freunden einen barrierefreien Zugang zu Sport- und Outdoor-Aktivitäten zu ermöglichen. Über 2.000 Studien weltweit belegen, dass Sport- und Outdoor-Aktivitäten die beste Prävention gegen Krebs sind.

Our aim is to offer barrier-free access to sport- and outdoor-activities for people who have or had cancer, their beloved ones and friends. More than 2.000 Studies confirm that sport- and outdoor-activities are the best prevention against cancer.


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Outdoor against Cancer goes European Union

The purpose of the workshop

‚The fight against cancer is a team sport:
the role for education and sport‘

is to provide background information and advice for Members on the latest findings and trends in the fields of cancer prevention and treatment, and the role played and potential contribution of education, sports and physical activity. It will gather distinguished speakers to provide innovative views on the above subjects, around the period of 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The workshop will cover topics such as the role of education for avoiding or diminishing cancer health risks by influencing positively the individual choices and behaviours; the role of physical activity and sports in cancer primary prevention and the improvement of treatment outcomes, including the emotional and psychological benefits; how to support healthy policies in education for children, young people and the public at large as well as the encouragement of physical activities and sports by local, regional, national and EU institutions, health and sports professionals, civil society and the media.


Date: Wednesday, 13.07.2016




14.07. Outdoor against Cancer - Panel Discussion

Exhibition OUT DOOR Friedrichshafen

Outdoor activities are good for the body, mind and soul. Outdoor against Cancer provides organised outdoor activities for cancer patients of all ages, because cancer does not care how old people are. From light outdoor training or outdoor yoga in the city to multi-day tours in the mountains, not forgetting SUP courses and sailing trips.

Anything which takes place out in the countryside gives cancer patients strength and courage during and after their treatment and reduces the risk of them falling ill again. Together on stage: Petra Thaller, OaC trainers, OaC patients and OaC partners.



Termin: Thursday, 14.07.2016, 11:00 – 12:00

Conference Center East, Room



OaC at the European Parlament with our Founder Petra Thaller

Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety - 13/07/2016 (PM)

Please press the start button for video streaming of the meeting (go to timeline 1:54:00 for her presentation)

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On the 8.10.2016 is OaC workshop day

additional qualification to be a OaC-Trainer

OAC is growing, and that’s perfect! We’ll start our first workshop for trainers, teachers and C-B-trainers… together with the Verband deutscher Berg- und Skiführer e.V. we’ll offer you  a workshop to become a trained OaC-Trainer. For further information, such as price and process, please click here. The seats are limited, so register now!


Date: Saturday, 8th of october 2016



Weekly running-training with Monika Renner

Date: every tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm; Place: 4F Circle, Brudermühlbrücke, Munich

Monika Renner, the PR-woman behind E.O.F.T knows exactly how outdoor training works  and how you  get to the point, where you have fun at gaining strength and power. Welcome to OaC!

Every tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm

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Date: every day from 9:30am-7:00pm Place: Sankt Heinrich at the Starnberger See

We get Cancer Patients and her friends on board!

 Hop on a  SUP and out of  your everyday life! OaC is offering a very special opportunity , to escape from  illnes-life. Our very first OaC SUP-location will open at the lido in Sankt Heinrich at the Starnberger See. OaC gets supported by the whole team surrounding Sascha Berentzen of t he Surf School Starnberger See.

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Free outdoortraining for cancerpatients in Munich

Every thursday at 4:30pm

Free outdoortraining

for cancerpatients

“For me personally ist important to show, how  empowering outdoorsports are, before, during and after chemotherapy – for mind, body and soul” Petra Thaller

Nobody said it was easy, but ist certanly worth it. Go outside, join us, you wont regret it!


Date: every thursday at 4:30pm
Length: 1 hour
Place: 4F circle at the Entenweiher, Isarauen, near tot he Brudermühlbrücke, 81543 Munich
You can get there by car, bike, and with the U1 and 2 till Candidplatz.


Please register at

Or at

+49 171 4973311